anorak definition: A person obsessively interested in a thing or topic that doesn't seem to warrant such attention.


Audio Anoraks is a private community for anybody with an obsessive love of audio production.

Audio Anoraks is an exclusive community with over 1000 members  from around the world, working on becoming better engineers through a combined pursuit of excellence.
A Community comprising of total beginners through to seasoned pros.

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Olivier C 

on 21/09/2020

This course helped me a lot to figure out exactly what it takes to achieve masterings. Via a time saving methodology, streaky's mastering approach is shockingly simple. Doing simple and efficient has been the hard part for me, nevertheless it works so well. i do the course again from time to time, and could see that I'm improving in erm of quality and speed. Streaky also helps a lot in the weekly zoom group chat, when I had a lot of question. I 'm happy to had the chance to learn this way.

Assonance (Hexmark Records) 

on 15/12/2019

Just watched the course again. For me, it forms the adhesive glue between fragments of mastering knowledge i've gained over the years, along with filling the gaps, missing from my skill set. It's great for those looking for a holistic look overview of the mastering process at a professional level. The support group is great too.

Charly Sayz 

on 27/11/2019

This Mastering course has changed my life!